My quest

My passion for wine began when, at the age of 18, I tasted some of the ‘grands crus’ in my grandfather’s wine cellar: a revelation! I started to study oenology in Bordeaux and eventually came to Chateauneuf-du-Pape as a wine consultant in 1998. We bought our first parcel of land here in 2008; that was the beginning of Mouriesse Vinum. 

Later we bought some more land on the other side of the river Rhone and diversified our production through partnerships which enabled me to produce other wines, still in small volumes (between 900 and 3000 bottles) and in the same spirit of respect for the ‘signature’ of the vines.

Elegance, complexity and freshness

I have always thought of wine as starting from the soil, a vision imparted by my first oenology teachers.  Our cuvees are based on individual parcels of land, where we cultivate our vines without synthetic chemicals . Our wines are ambassadors for their terroirs, in all their elegance.  The conditions in each parcel of land are always different : diverse soils, orientations, environments and microclimates. The wines we make reflect all these. In fact, the Chateauneuf du Pape AOC as a whole  is a good example of the many possible expressions of terroir in one area.

The grapes, harvested at exactly the right time in each parcel of land, are made into wine as simply as possible.  Mouriesse Vinum seeks to express the character of the terroir: finesse and elegance are paramount ; a quest for both complexity and freshness.

Serge Mouriesse

Life force

Passion is contagious.  As the grandaughter of a ‘vigneron’, wine has always been in my family.  Making wine is a discovery of life in various forms: hidden in the soil, blossoming in the vines, exuberant in the winery’s whispering vats, then secretive during the aging process, the birth of the vintage when it is bottled.

Wine is also a symbol of conviviality and civilization : from the first domestication of wild vines, wine has been a part of human culture, from ancient rites to present day ‘get togethers’.  It delights me that bottles of our wine bought for a birth or a marriage will become part of these celebrations of life.

Brigitte Mouriesse