Our vineyards in AOC Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Most of our vines were planted 70 or 80 years ago in the brown sands to the east of the ‘appellation’ area – these soils date back to Miocene era; they formed the sea bed when the lower Rhone valley was covered by the Mediterranean.

 Over the years we have bought  3 small parcels of land on this unique terroir in the Valori area. They are planted in an east-west orientation and surrounded by trees. Mature and deep rooted, these vines have a ‘signature’ of finesse and complexity.  They give us our ‘’Tour d’Ambre’’ cuvee. The whole harvest is vinified after a careful selection of grapes, then aged in ‘second or third wine’ barrels, so that the full flavour of the grapes is preserved. It is kept in these carefully selected barrels for at least 20 months before being bottled.

Our vineyard at St Genies de Comolas

The west bank of the Rhone has been planted with vines since ancient times and has some excellent terroirs. Our vines face east  from the slopes of Mont Pegueirol. In hot weather, they are often fanned by cool air from the river Rhone, making conditions ideal for the maturation of the grapes from July to September.

The soils are varied : on the south side, the vines benefit from a deep grey clay scattered with cobbles, while the north side is mainly sandy.  These two parcels of land provide slightly different conditions for the maturation of the grapes and are therefore harvested by sector. They give us the ‘Miroeniere’ cuvee.

Balance is the key to a great wine !

Balance exists at a single point ; it is all to easy to tip one way or the other.  The search for balance begins in the vineyard with small yields, light ploughing and the very occaisional use of natural fertilizers,  allowing the vines to develop in their own way.

The quest for balance continues in the winery with careful observation, smelling,  tasting. We have faith in the natural yeasts which come with the grapes. White wines are partly aged in stainless steel vats to preserve freshness. For the red wines, we take care to mature the grape stems and seeds to get the best natural tanins and select the best barrel for each cuvee.

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